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Scourdry’s Car Upholstery Cleaning Service is cheap in price ( we offer lowest quote ), highest in quality ( our equipment are advance  ) and We use Eco-Friendly Products.


    Professional Car Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne

    Cleaning Company From Melbourne That Cares For Your Needs and Privacy

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    You can’t just brag about being structured and clean if your car is filthy because that’s the exact opposite. That’s why it becomes crucial to consider a Car Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne Service. We offer:

    • A Tidy Car Interior Cleaning
    • Restoring The Charm of Seats
    • Bring Back The Leather Shine
    Our Compliance For Counter Coronavirus Measures

    All our crew members were given proper training at the Scourdry Headquarter in Laverton. We have complied with the government issued precautionary measures and have made sure that we operate not only legally but righteously in the pandemic times

    Meet Our Customer Care Call Center

    We have team providing quotes 24/7 Amidst Covid-19. Whether it is night or day, you can freely call us for a quick quote

    Not only our pricing is lowest and service is full of quality, we also provide 24/7 price quoting for the utmost satisfaction of our customers. 

    Car Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne

    One of the more wiser ways is to let a professional car upholstery service provider know for the upholstery clean you want and let them do their job while you comfortably live through your weekends, focusing on family and other important stuff. With that being said, let us introduce ourselves. We are Scourdry – The leading cleaning company that offers a number of cleaning services such as the carpet cleaning, end of lease cleaning, tile and grout cleaning upholstery cleaning and many more.With our professional car upholstery Melbourne cleaning service, we make sure to not let any kind of dirt or stain stay any longer in your car. We are good at what we do and that’s what separates us from a regular cleaning company.

    Scourdry Experience

    At Scourdry we make sure to never leave any of our customer unsatisfied and that’s why we offer a variety of services to ensure we don’t lack in any area of practice. we offer a wide variety of car upholstery services in the eastern suburbs and the western suburbs of Melbourne.

    The procedure is pretty much simple. All you need to do is to give us a call and let us be known for the day when you would be comfortable to get clean for your car. We offer free over the phone estimates too so that resolves the complexity even further. After the request of our customers is initiated, our crew would be at their workplace and would carry out all the procedure in the most ethical way.

    Why Choose Scourdry For Your Car Upholstery Cleaning Needs?

    Scourdry is a leading cleaning brand best known for its Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne, Mattress Cleaning Melbourne and Tile and Grout Cleaning. 
    We are well known because of the competitive price quotes we give and the quality of the work. Not to mention we offer alot of freebies from time to time such as Free Deodorization we’re offering nowadays.
    We offer Guarantee over Stain Removal, Satisfaction and Surety Bond Restoration.
    Our Car Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne Service encompasses the following –

    • Steam Upholstery Cleaning
    • Upholstery Stain Removal
    • Upholstery Vacuum Cleaning
    • Pet stain and odour removal from Upholstery
    • Upholstery Mould Removal
    • Pet Hair Removal from Upholstery
    • Upholstery Sanitization
    • Coffee Stain Removal
    • Accident Stain Removal
    • Upholstery mould Restoration
    • Upholstery Deodorization
    • Commercial Upholstery Cleaning
    • Residential Upholstery Cleaning
    • Vomit Stain Removal from Upholstery
    • Blood Stain Removal from Upholstery
    • Urine Stain and odour removal from Upholstery
    • Hot Water Extraction
    • Upholstery Water damage restoration
    • Wine Stain Removal From Upholstery
    • Upholstery Oil Stain Removal
    • Emergency Flood Damage Upholstery Restorations Services
    • Upholstery Flea Treatment Service
    We SERVE Melbourne

    We serve across all the Suburbs from Melbourne. In order to get a car upholstery cleaning Melbourne service from Scourdry, you may visit the contact form above, or give us a call or visit our contact us page ( click here ).