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Scourdry’s Professional End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne Service is cheap in price ( we offer lowest quote ), highest in quality ( our equipment are advance  ) and We use Eco-Friendly Products.


    Professional end of lease Cleaning Melbourne

    Cleaning Company From Melbourne That Cares For Your Needs and Privacy

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    Scourdry is an expert in the cleaning. No matter it’s the Floor Cleaning, Windows Cleaning, Carpet cleaning, Upholstery cleaning or whatever it is, we are totally aware of how to do it. Our expertise and a wide range of services allow us to efficiently carry out the end of lease cleaning in Melbourne . We bring out the best in terms of cleaning so that your rental property can come back to life again and there remains absolutely no way for your landlord to exploit your security bond.

    Our Compliance For Counter Coronavirus Measures

    All our crew members were given proper training at the Scourdry Headquarter in Laverton. We have complied with the government issued precautionary measures and have made sure that we operate not only legally but righteously in the pandemic times

    Meet Our Customer Care Call Center

    We have team providing quotes 24/7 Amidst Covid-19. Whether it is night or day, you can freely call us for a quick quote

    Not only our pricing is lowest and service is full of quality, we also provide 24/7 price quoting for the utmost satisfaction of our customers. 

    End of Lease Cleaning . Scourdry Experience

    Scourdry has done a number of end of lease cleanings and thereby it is totally aware of all the possible scenarios and all the possible solutions. We are well aware of what the landlord want’s out of the property in terms of cleaning and that is why our end of lease service is designed keeping in mind three things.

    • Bring out the cleaning session so that your landlord doesn’t exploit your security bond money.
    • The cleaning session should be cost-efficient.
    • It should be of such high quality that it makes the customer satisfied, the landlord happy and Scourdry proud.

    UnParalleled Quality Cleaning

    At Scourdry we have skilled craftsmanship which is properly trained to carry out the end of lease cleaning in Melbourne . Our crew is properly trained on how to handle house cleaning and are meant to bring out the best in terms of end of lease cleaning in such a manner that not only it is cost-efficient but also it has impeccable quality, enough to surprise your landlord.

    It’s not only the skilled craftsmanship where the Scourdry’s end of lease services excels others, but it’s also the highly researched products that make us stand out from the rest. With our highly researched products, we make sure to bring the most of the cleaning session.

    Why Choose Scourdry For Your End of Lease Cleaning Needs?

    Scourdry is a leading cleaning brand best known for its Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne, Mattress Cleaning Melbourne and Tile and Grout Cleaning. 
    We are well known because of the competitive price quotes we give and the quality of the work. Not to mention we offer alot of freebies from time to time such as Free Deodorization we’re offering nowadays.
    We offer Guarantee over Stain Removal, Satisfaction and Surety Bond Restoration.
    Perks of Our End of Lease Cleaning :

    • Surety Bond Restoration
    • Guaranteed Stain and Odor Removal
    • Pet stain and odour removal from carpet
    • Carpet Mould Removal
    • Pet Hair Removal from carpet
    • Stair Case Cleaning
    • Coffee Stain Removal
    • Guaranteed Stain and Odor Removal
    • Carpet mould Restoration
    • Carpet Deodorization
    • Efficient Quoting
    • Hot Water Extraction
    • Same Day Services
    We SERVE Melbourne

    We serve across all the Suburbs from Melbourne. In order to get End of Lease cleaning Melbourne service from Scourdry, you may visit the contact form above, or give us a call or visit our contact us page ( click here ).